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The “Provodnik” center was found by four people: Kushnir Sergei, Isaeva Anna, Dolinskaia Tatiana, and Peltser Vita. Each of them have already had experience and range of interests by that time. However, they all were banded together in their interest of systemic modelling and such broad notion as “Human being.”   
In 2009, we decided to team up for more fruitful and effective work on various objectives. The same year the name “Provodnik” was chosen to briefly and succinctly convey the meaning, which has been revealed while modelling the new organization.  

Our goal is to create the environment where you can change yourself and your life. Thus, what used to require much efforts, time and resources is now realized quicker and includes all your activities – health, business, money, power, relationships etc.

You can change the methods of treatment endlessly, take part in different trainings, try various practices, spend all your money, go to church, visit “quacks,” the list is endless. Or you can come to us with your concerns; with your desire to solve the issues and our capabilities, we will find your key, which is a perfect match to your door. Moreover, it may fit not just one, but a whole series of doors. The key, paradox, as we call it, that leads to family happiness, relationships with relatives, success in work or rapid and stable prosperity of your business, to health.

But… we warn you upfront, the process of finding solution may not always be comfortable. Sometimes you need to go through the transformation crisis, cross the limits of convictions and boundaries to receive desired results; to hit the target you are aiming at, or even dreaming of. Yes, simple as that. We have specialists and tools, but you are to have a desire to change something and deal with it. The instrument we use is also the one you may take advantage of.

Our center includes three co-founders and systemic designers: Kushnir Sergei, Isaeva Anna and administrator, the planner of most events – Naumenko Viktoryja. As well as all the people involved in our creative space. They ask questions and together we are looking for the answers.

Feedback from the people we worked with illustrates better than any description…  
“Thank you for the seminar and small models, which we can use in practice. I discovered my values, strategies of effective project realization and attitude to my mother. Appreciated!”  

“Sergei, I liked it very much. Everything was interesting. I’m strongly impressed by the exercise with values (1st day at the beginning); and other things too. As well as my constellation about the new source of income. To be honest, I cannot possibly understand the logic of the unconscious – for me it seems toneless and vague. Thanks a lot.”     

“It was very interesting to understand the system and how it works. I was happy to see many practical tools and little theory. This seminar was very comfortable for me, as well as easy and informative in a very friendly work environment. Thanks a lot.”

“Dear Sergei and Anna!
We would like to sincerely thank you for your time, insights and help. About a year ago, we were at the formation stage of our family, business, as it seemed to us at that time. Actually, that was a very difficult and challenging period, i. e. a “crossway”. We were looking for solutions but could not possibly find them. Thanks to constellations and up to date wise advice, the problem was solved. Our business started working and giving desired results.
Thank you very much!!!
It is difficult to find proper words, therefore THANK YOU!
P.S.: Following the advice, I’m a flexible and flowing river…:)”
If you have any questions or wish to talk, please call!
Our telephone numbers: +38 050 452 57 43, +38 067 612 70 92.
Find us at Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Provodnik.CSM

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“Provodnik systemic modeling center” – always only individual, unique and innovative solutions for person, family, and business. Our clients and partners are located in Ukraine, Russia, Belorussia, Poland, Czech Republic, and Hungary. We always search for new methods to accomplish things deemed impossible by others. We are open to cooperation with unique and interesting people.

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