Kushnir Sergey
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Kushnir Sergey

44 years old, certified systemic designer, certified specialist in systemic constellation, businessman, business-trainer. He is highly skilled in systemic modeling of energoinformational processes, named after Zelinsky A. V.  Practical skills in NLP, Ericksonian hypnosis, systemic modelling of structural systems, interior practices, and rebirthing. Cofounder and head of “Providnyk” systemic modelling center.

 Kushnir SergeySince 2007, he has been regularly giving authors group trainings and seminars, individual consultations on personal matters and for businessmen. Tireless investigator of the “Human” category. Continuously searching quick and effective tools for investigations and revelations in various sciences, area of political and economic situations forecasting. Constantly arranging meetings, consultations, master classes and presentations in different cities and countries.   

Author seminars: Paradoxes of consciousness, Tunes of living runes, World of symptom, Confined by the money, My favorite fears, Over the top, Bermuda Triangle, Family, Your job, Star of life, Laboratories of systemic modeling, Free breathing, Increment of money flow and many others.

Since 1993 – businessman, founder of several operating companies.

2000 - 2001 – vice-president of “Contact” Charity Fund. Consultant of “Edinenie” (Unity) community.

2001 - 2002 – Head of Analytic Department of “Karat” Scientific Production Association.

2007 - 2015 – planner and facilitator of “Systemic modeling laboratory,” Free Breathing Followers Club, and “Belyi Voron” (White Crow) business-club.

2008 - 2009 – participant of the first systemic modeling educational course of “Master” Systemic modeling center: “Workshop of Aleksandr Zelinsky”. The city of Zaporozhye.

2010 – “Structural constellations” program training and certification, “Sadalmelik” Institute of Applied Psychology in cooperation with APSYS – Institut für Systemische Praxis Guni Leila Baxa [&] Christine Essen

2011 - 2012 – “Mastery school – training of effective masters in systemic modeling” program course (“Master” Systemic modeling center, the city of Zaporozhye). Training, advanced training and certification.

2012 - 2013 – “Business modeling” program advanced training (“Master” Systemic modeling center, the city of Zaporozhye)

2002-2014 – attendee of seminars of “Master” Systemic Modeling Center: “Energy of money”, “Spirit. Soul. Body”, “Unreal reality”, “Magic of energies part 1 and 2”, “Conscious birth”, cycle of seminars “Taro Arcanum”, “NLP in business”, “Ericksonian hypnosis”, “Birth and death”, “Reversion of kin power”, and “See the world without boundaries”.   

Completed a course of seminars conducted by German specialists of REFA business-school: “Art of manipulation”, “Business efficiency and manageability increase”, “Social structures management”, and “Creation of highly-efficient financial flows”.

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