The laboratory of systemic modelling Providnyk
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The laboratory of systemic modelling Providnyk.

Creative space of curious people.

 In 2007, before our center was found, Kushnir Sergey had started to operate a Laboratory. In this laboratory, new techniques are being created to be used in various fields of Human activity, the discoveries are born and many other interesting things happen.

Here we forecast, investigate and communicate with people who are interested in the system and phenomenologic approach and method of systemic modelling. 

The subjects of laboratories are different each time. Besides, most of the time we do not publish them at our site. Sometimes we publish results of our investigations, but the information is generally available to the participants of the event only.

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“Provodnik systemic modeling center” – always only individual, unique and innovative solutions for person, family, and business. Our clients and partners are located in Ukraine, Russia, Belorussia, Poland, Czech Republic, and Hungary. We always search for new methods to accomplish things deemed impossible by others. We are open to cooperation with unique and interesting people.

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