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Белый Ворон - бизнес-клуб - бизнес-моделирование“Provodnik” Systemic modeling center conducts “White Crow” business clubs.

We welcome businessmen and businesswomen, entrepreneurs, investors and managers to:

1. Get to know each other

2. Familiarize with systemic modeling method relevant to business tasks

3. Explore general subjects, concepts and categories used in business

4. Explore existing, search and create new markets and products/services

5. Search and strengthen individual qualities of the club participants to enhance creative abilities in developing their companies

6. … the list of subjects will be increased and extended together

Please note – we will not teach you business (or anything else), nor advise you, etc.! There are many other organizations, systems and approaches, which accomplish this.

We, in cooperation with you, utilize systemic modelling method and Your Knowledge as a businessmen, will create conditions and space where much more is possible, things that let you go beyond the limits of common understanding, lineal logic and analytics. There You decide the level you are at and moving to. That, which provides you with efficient tools for management.

For registration, please call: +38 093 290 06 68, +38 050 45 25 743.

Registration is mandatory.

Or fill up a registration form.

Starts at: 19-00

After the business club on May 15, 2015, Ludmila Tolmachiova presented her personal and creative opinion on the happenings. :) Ludmila, thank you! Very live, brief and vivid!



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