A Closed Lab of Sergei Kushnir
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A Closed Lab of Sergei Kushnir
“Code of Meanings”
(only for course participants and their clients)

Theory without practice is like a car without an engine and running! In our case, the basis of knowledge of the tool of system modeling is the constant practice with all of the inherent passion and interest to the process.

Time of Lab work - once in 2 weeks – between the modules (including holidays).

Dates of the first laboratories – 20 November, 10 December.

The nearest - 6 October.
A symbolic participation fee is 15 USD.

Thematic Program of Laboratories.
Key 1. The skill of modeling of the political situation in the country at any time in any place.
Key 2. The secret to fast and accurate determination of the mission of each human in life in business.
Key 3. The skill of receiving a response to any question of business.
Key 4. Modeling the true position of competitors. The skill of reading the potential and plans of competitors with the purpose of the correct positioning of own business.
Key 5. The modeling of changing market conditions and demand in the market.
Key 6. The skill of rapid diagnosis and reading of interpersonal relationships at any level.
Key 7. Searching and reading of strengths of the business, creation of innovative approaches for their implementation.
Key 8. The definition of the meaning of any process in your life – from birth until the choice of life, from search of meaning of the emergence of different people in your life to sense of any situation in which you find yourself.
Key 9. Modeling of your unique way of discovery and creation.
Key10. The discovery of a potential of master of system design, master of decoding the meanings. Obtaining skills of “conductor’ of meanings in the lives of others.

Knowledge is immortal – when moving, this is the way to immortality of the conductor himself.

The results of the Laboratory will be accessible only to course participants. If for good reason the person did not participate in the laboratory – a short report about the event will be sent to him by mail, or submitted in paper form at the next module.

Nonresident participants are recommended to create and carry out such activities in their cities, although it is best to come to Kiev (it is possible to connect via Skype).

At the Lab course participants will submit written reports on the progress of homework assignments that were given on the module. Instructions will be received during training.

The Lab format provides for an independent conduct of the research by participants, making forecasts. You will be able to share your findings, ideas and thoughts.

For research common, generic topics will be selected (each participant can apply with the theme (the choice of topics will be made by direct open vote of the entire group).

The organizer reserves the right not to include some topics to the list, such as "view my business/project/employee/me/my boss/investor, etc., for that there will be exercises in which participants will be able together to play the role of "customer" and "lead".


Biography of the author and presenter of the course “Code of Meanings”.

Kushnir Sergei Nikolaevich - Master of decoding of meanings. Co-founder and director of the center for system modeling “Guide”. Certified system designer, certified professional in systemic constellation, businessman, business coach. He possesses a system modeling the energy-informational processes Zelinsky, A. V., the art of NLP, Ericksonian hypnosis, systemic modelling of structural systems, interior practices, rebirthing.

Since 2007, he regularly conducts author group trainings and seminars, individual consultations on personal matters and business. A tireless researcher of the “Human” category. In constant search of fast and effective tools for investigations and discoveries in the various sciences, areas of forecasting the economic and political situations. Constantly holds meetings, consultations, workshops and presentations in different cities and countries. In constant search of fast and effective tools for investigations and discoveries in the various sciences of forecasting the economic and political situations. Constantly holds meetings, consultations, workshops and presentations in different cities and countries.

Seminars: the Paradoxes of Consciousness, the Melodies of the Living Runes, the World of a Symptom, Bound by Money, My favorite fears, Beyond the Edge, Bermuda triangle, FamilI, Your job, the Star of life, the Systemic Modeling Laboratories, Free breathing, the Quantum of Cash Flow and many others.

Since 1993 - entrepreneur, founder of several operating enterprizes.
2000 - 2001 – Vice-President of the charity fund “Contact”. The consultant of the company “Unity”.
2001 - 2002 – head of the analytical Department of Scientific and production Association “Karat”.
2007 - 2015 – planner and facilitator of “Ssystemic Modeling Laboratory”, the Club of Fans of Free Breathing, business-club “The White Raven”.
2008 - 2009 – participant of the first educational course on system simulation of the Center of the system simulation “Master”: “Workshop of Alexander Zelinsky”, Zaporozhye
2010 - Training and certification on the program “Structural alignment”, Institute of applied psychology “Sadalmelik” together with APSYS – Institut für Systemische Praxis Guni Leila Baxa [&] Christine Essen
2011 - 12 – course program “School of Craftsmanship” – creation of an effective leading in system simulation (Center of the system simulation “Master”, Zaporozhye). Training, professional development and certification.
2012 - 2013 – advanced training on program “Business simulation” (Center of the system simulation “Master”, Zaporozhye)
2002-2014 – participant of the seminars of Center of the system simulation “Master”: “The Power of Money”, “Spirit, Soul, Body”, “Unreal reality”, “Magic of Energies part 1 and 2”, “Conscious birth”, a cycle of seminars “Lassos of Taro”, “NLP in Business”, “Ericksonian Hypnosis”, “Birth and death”, “The Return of the Power of Generation”, “To See the World Without Boundaries”.
Attended a course of seminars conducted by German experts at the business school REFA: “Art of Manipulation”, “Improving of Profitability and Business Management”, “Management of Public Institutions”, “Development of Highly Efficient Financial Flows”.

We announce a course of systemic business modeling “Code of Meanings”.

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