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Each Tuesday and Wednesday from 12.00 to 18.00 our center holds individual sessions on personal issues. Kyiv.

Who is this session for?

For people who seek solution to their personal problems, their paradoxes, who tried many different methods and techniques. People who already understand that they have been going in circles in search of an exit but cannot find it. And, those who seek fast changes in their life, fast and effective solutions to their problems. People who do not want to wait for years, who value time of their life.

Which problems can you solve?

This is one of the most interesting and frequently asked questions. Below is the list of issues people come to us with:
1. I cannot get married. I cannot build relationships with the opposite sex.
2. Help me fix relationships in the family with a spouse.
3. Relationships or issues with children.
4. Issues with money (personal, in family)
5. Problem with health (physical, mental).
6. We want to have children but unable.
7. Drug addiction, alcoholism.
8. Frequently repeating events (material loss, breakups etc.)
9. What is the sense of my life? What is my mission? How and where can I realize my potential most efficiently?
10. I feel that my life is boring, monotonous, but I do not know how and what I should change. I want to feel the taste of life, to live life to the fullest.
11. Everything is okay, but I want even better.
12. Problems with sexuality, sex.
13. Conditions, emotional experiences, which are long lasting and causing uneasiness and it is unclear what is the cause. Where are they from?
14. The child grew up, it is time to choose further direction in (studies, work, field of activities etc.) – the choice is wide, we are afraid to make a mistake. How to make the best option?
15. I have a proposal (to change work/position, field of activity, move to another town/country etc.) – I might not like it there, while I am accustomed to everything here, it is stable.
16. I dream of one and the same dream.
17. I worry, fear for my close ones.
18. …. You can continue, this list is unending.

We are organizing appointments so that you could find answers to your questions. To resolve what is most important now, what weighs down on you and depresses, does not let you move further. So you could see, feel and understand where you stopped, what “stops” you – find Your, unique solution, to meet yourself.

How does it happen?

No secrets. We show you everything and make everything as clear as possible in the process, in the context of searching solution for your issue. We are using unique method “systemic modelling of energy and information process.” First, these are author’s developments, techniques and methods, the result of many years personal studies of Person, second, this is systemic and phenomenological approach in combination with other various directions of psychology, philosophy, quantum physics, advanced mathematics, NLP, general theory of systems, psychotherapy etc. As the result – method that has no equals as to speed, effectiveness and power.

How much time does it take?

The work with one issue takes from 5 to 20 minutes. Considering previous interview and subsequent recommendations, and clarifications, the whole process lasts around one hour.

Can you be more specific?

Sure. The method of systemic modeling uses phenomenon of sensory perception of the person. Each person always feels something. Even when he sleeps, eats, watches TV or searches the web. And, besides sensing yourself, person can sense other people. You probably heard about the phenomenon of bonding between parent and the child despite the distance they share with each other. You might also know the sense when person says one thing with a smile on his face but you know that it is not joy. That is the phenomenon of sensory perception. There are methods how to include the person into the system of another person and using such objects construct a model in the space of the hall, where “client’s” system is visible and readable. Is it amazing when, after reading the sense in the system, person says, “you described my whole life”, in 10-15 minutes.

What do members receive as the result?

Nothing changes by itself. Moreover, there is no method, which could change you. However, if you create certain conditions, help person see how he creates problematic space around, or inside himself, then the person can change himself. But you need to know why it was important for you to live this way before, creating that, which you called a “problem.” What is the point in this problem, what was your strategy, what was the benefit and what was the paradox? Paradoxical meaning beyond time and space, but which contains them inside. Then, when the person knows and understands it, many things change in the person. When you know that “there, around the corner is your hole”, you go around it, right? Or, you can go “into the hole”, since it is your hole.

Seminar presenter: Sergei Kushnir, certified master of systemic modeling of energy and information processes, certified specialist in the area of systemic arrangements, coach, business-trainer and consultant. Cofounder, manager, author and presenter of the most programs of the systemic modeling center Providnyk. Practical work experience – 8 years. Thousands of successful works with the people in personal matters and hundreds of successful consultations and surveys for the business.

For enrolment, please call: +380504525743

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