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Our center provides a complete support of corporate clients.

полное сопровождение корпоративных заказчиков методом бизнес-моделирования

First, we would like to tell you about our service, what is included and how different it is to other approaches in business, projects and organizations support. The description will be held in Q&A format. Our clients ask us these questions before they make their decision for cooperation.

“I am a businessman with … years of work experience and you are going to teach me to run my business?”
No. We do not teach our clients how to run their business. If one of us decides to run a business in your area, then we will be the ones asking for your advice as the expert.

“How long have you been working in my area/market/segment.”
Our center and our specialists are providing only consultation and support. Exceptions are our clients-colleagues who work in the same area. Why do they seek our help? We hope that by the end of this Q&A you will find an answer to this question yourself.

“How can you help me then, if you neither teach nor work in the same area?”

We work in the system and phenomenological business consulting. To make it brief and simple – business modelling. Business modelling is the systemic modeling in respect to organizations, business, markets and countries. Each business, project, organization (and to tell you the truth – any object, notion, phenomenon) is a system of elements, which have certain interaction between themselves. We call this interaction “bonds.” The sum of all bonds between all the elements describes the dynamics of past and present changes in the system. Our method helps to see, describe and forecast the dynamics of changes of this system in future. In addition, since each firm, project, product, market consist of unique “set” of elements, of people, to put it simply – therefore the behavior of each system is unique in its way. Therefore, we have an individual approach in searching for answers to questions and solution of the tasks assigned to us by our clients. Sometimes, what could be considered as disadvantage – lack of practical experience in your area – is our advantage, since each client more or less is part of the system, where he looks for solution but unable to find it (this was proved by a mathematician, Kurt Gödel back in 1930). Nevertheless, that does not mean that your participation in the modeling process is minimal. Only you possess necessary information for high quality work. We know and are capable of creating needed conditions, read and convey the meaning of the surveyed issue in order for you to have an answer.

As far as we know, there are currently no other, different from the business-modeling, methods, which could provide all the information about the problem in question in its entirety and build accurate forecast so precisely, obviously and quickly.

“Let’s compile the forecast of prices change for… We observe and if it proves true I will seek your help”
We can and we do it regularly. Yet, the company that ordered this survey observes and takes advantage of the results.

“How do I know it works? I never heard anyone offering such things”
We often offer our potential partners a free “test-drive.” You select a research subject, which is the most relevant to you. We conduct the research together. Then you make a decision whether you need cooperation with our company.
Yes, you probably never heard and do not know us and our methods. Moreover, you will not hear much about the method any time soon. We are used as a competitive advantage. Therefore, you do not hear about us much. People set our services aside for themselves and close ones. That is exactly what people tell us, “Why would I want to multiply successful competitors?” Since all the information received from you during task allocation and in the process of research is confidential, we also can “brag” about success of our clients by carefully selecting descriptions.

“How much time does one work, search of solution take?”
Usually 15-20 minutes following carefully formulated question. For this matter, we offer a session of systemic coaching in the beginning. In the course of this session all the questions/tasks will be defined and formulated (the session usually takes from 30 minutes to one and a half hours). After that an estimate, a plan and a schedule are compiled. Only then, the research itself will take the above mentioned time.

“What issues can be addressed?”

We tried to create a brief but not complete list of issues that we are addressing:

1. Analysis of business, organization, project in the whole. Its location, where it started and where it is going.

2. Analysis of existing strategy of the company (strategy is not what specialists with MBA diploma compile but that company has, the way it “lives”, develops and preserve itself. Even, and all the more so, if it is not formulated in words on paper). As well as search of optimum changes in the strategy. And immediate verification of the effect from these changes.

3. Analysis of the goals, functions and structure of the firm (if necessary, with immersion and specification to any level – direction, division, department, branch, employee etc.)

4. Analysis of employee, candidate to the position (place in the firm)

5. Analysis of future or ongoing project (where it starts, how active and passive phase will take place, where it aims and how it ends). The project could be – introduction of new product to the market (product/service), cooperation, partnership, partnership with a person/firm/organization, advertising company etc.

6. Analysis of the firm “product” (whether it is service or specific product)

7. Analysis of the consumer of product/service, manifest and ulterior motives.

8. Analysis of the market, competitors, manifesting their strong and weak sides.

9. Analysis of the threats for business, including interaction with the state agencies.

10. Forecasting price change for products/services in the region/country.

11. Analysis of any changes in the company and the effect from these changes.

12. Selection: place, equipment, employee with optimum effect for the company.

13. Surveying changes in legal system and its influence on specific company.

14. Modeling new products/services, taking into account firm resources.

15. Modeling “right” conditions to obtain needed results.

“So, each of these points takes 15-20 minutes?”

“It is impossible! I know for instance that marketing research takes from two to three weeks.”
Yes, or even longer. Therefore, conclusions and decisions based on such researches are often erroneous. They are late by the time research was taken and results processed.
Business-modeling allows conducting measurements and obtaining answers now, immediately after assigning the task, within 15 minutes.

“How accurate are the answers from your work?”
That is why we offer the “test-drive.” If the subject of your interest requires answers with numbers – numbers will be provided.

“Do you want me to tell you everything about myself, the company, business and projects?”
No. It is sufficient, for example, only to say, “there is a project. I want to know how it will “go.” The name, what/who is involved, is it services or product and other information is unnecessary. Sometimes, it may even be excessive.

“All of this looks somewhat unreal. What is the catch?”

Maybe, while you read this it looks unreal. Since 2007, we have worked with various companies, organizations, investors and business owners. For them and us it is just a tool. Although the possibilities of the method never fail to amaze them and us alike. There is a catch – price and time. Our services are expensive and very often we work to a very tight schedule.

“Very expensive?”
We approach price formation in the individual and flexible manner. One thing is to work with the company with several employees and the turnover of several millions Hryvnas per year. Different story are the companies or projects with billion turnover and thousands workers.

“Can I pay from the profit that I make later?”
You can but part of your business goes to us. Besides, we receive voting rights at the management decisions. It is a joke. We do not engage ourselves with the management outsourcing. You, your subordinates and your firm will make and implement decisions. We provide you with maximum comprehensive information to be able to make and implement them.

“What formats of cooperation do you propose?”

There are two main types:

1. You have a question (maybe few). We concur our schedules. We meet personally, discuss the inquiry or we can discuss through email. We concur time and cost of the work. We conduct a research. Then we part until next time.

2. We take you into operation. Full or partial. We agree on monthly sum and scope of services included. We shall hold meetings and perform works in case you have any questions. Difference of this type of cooperation from the first one – you paid for our time ahead, therefore your questions are of priority over the rest, the price for one is with discount as well. Thus, you save money as well. The scope of works exceeding the fee amount – discussed separately and will include discounts from the original price.

3. There is a third type – propose your alternative; we will gladly discuss it.

Before you address us, we ask you to answer several questions for yourself. The answers to these questions will help you to build effectiveness assessment criteria of our cooperation. It will be beneficial for us to understand the expectations from our company.

1. Are you looking for ways to optimize your business, project? Alternatively, to put it simply, – are you looking for ways to save your resources (time, money, people etc.)?

2. Are you seeking development of your business, projects, and products? Are you aiming at development, extension, “capture” market, territories, niche, launching new projects, introduction of new products, and acquisition of the competitors?

3. What do you expect from our cooperation?

We are waiting for you and your interesting tasks!

If you have any questions please ask by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tel. +380504525743, +380676127092

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