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On 28 and 29 of March, “Open field” First Professional Conference was held. The conference took place in Moscow.

Many professionals in the field of systemic constellations, systemic modeling and systemic- phenomenological therapy, business consulting were gathered at the conference. Highly creative, comfortable and open space. It was a big pleasure to watch the colleagues, how they share their skills, knowledge and best practices. Creative process of sharing experience and knowledge continued even during breaks between master classes. It was pleasure to see both masters having worked in phenomenology for decades and relatively young masters sharing their new and fresh views and ideas. Everybody shared his or her experience, knowledge, and unique ideas.

I am grateful to Katerina Boltrushevich, master class “Structural constellations of Matthias Varga von Kibed” for clarity, structured teaching and few interesting ideas, which came after her work.

I am grateful to Elena Barabash, master class "Working with overweight" – for multilayered approach to this subject.

I am grateful to Alexander Zelinsky – it is a big pleasure and very inspiring to watch Master do his job.

I am grateful to Irina Semizorova for her master class “The illness – come and speak.” For unusual approach in the work with the symptoms and a fresh view on known techniques.

Anna Malomon with her master class “New time – new ideas. Organizational constellations.” – thank you for your strong Spirit and willingness to experiment.

I wanted to visit each master, since it is a rare thing to meet such a “bunch” of specialists and subjects in one place.

It was very interesting to hear all the participants of a round table discussing “Field practices community: structure and resources”. However, the structure is not clear. The things discussed during this hour and half have already been created – the conference itself and similar events where different specialists and “schools” are welcomed and everybody is free to express its own creativity.

At the conference, Irina Boeva (director of “Sadalmelik” Institute of Applied Psychology) and Kushnir Sergey (head of “Providnyk” center) have held a master class “The Magic of speech: prayer and obscene speech.” Irina suggested the subject of a master class, which was investigated at two independent spaces: “Sadalmelik” Institute and our Laboratory of systemic modelling. Since the results of investigations were unexpected and amazing and reaction of the master class participants was disruptive and complicated, we suggested repeating investigation of this subject at the conference. Tetralemma (Buddhist logic, catuskoti) model was chosen for the investigation. Then the group defined two focuses: “prayer” and “obscene speech.” In short, the result was almost the same as we had in our investigations before the conference. “Prayer” is a repetition of past things by a Person, creation of illusion where everything is different. “Obscene speech” is destruction of illusions, change of beliefs. Besides, participants of our master class had investigated in small groups what these notions mean for each of them and what links they support in this context. Judging by the audience excitement, eyes and reactions of people, we can state that the subject was meaningful for everyone in one way or the other.

Surprisingly, the subject of speech technologies was very interesting and to be continued beyond the master class.

We thank all participants and event planners – We created a great space! It really has a future.

p.s. Many thanks to Irina Boeva and Elena Veselago for invitation to be the presenter! I am grateful to all participants of the Laboratory system modeling of center "Providnyk".! Kushnir Sergey

 Full video of our workshop.

A short video about conference.


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