“My favourite fears” seminar
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“My favourite fears” seminar

The more you are afraid of something the earlier it will happen to you.

Nervousness, anxiety, fear, horror – what other epithets do you know for this state?

Does it happen with you when everything is peaceful and nothing “special” is going on but you start feeling anxiety? Have you ever experienced the fear in peaceful environment; worried about your relatives, children; been anxious dealing with your daily routine matters, reading a book, watching TV, walking down the street? Are you familiar with a feeling when your knees are trembling, the palms of your hands are sweating, the chin is shivering? What are you afraid of the most: lose your health, relatives, job, money; fail to manage the task; fall short of your expectations or expectations of those around you?

What do you do, how do you get through this? Are you trying to distract yourself; busy yourself with something in order not to feel this; disregard or start looking for a “reason?” Certainly, every person has his or her own unique “method” of fighting the fears. Chances are it is successful to one extent or another. All people are so inventive in creative search for “reasons” that they can explain everything to themselves and sometimes even to others. But what does the explanation change?

You are invited to meet, see and understand your fears. Look at your fears, realize their sense and, if necessary, change the connection with them by means of a systemic modelling method. Using system phenomenology we will play the “Fear” model within the room and read it for every participant. We will share and you can learn the unique techniques developed by our center. And you will be able to use these techniques in your everyday life. Of course, to do this masterfully you will have to train.


You are invited to attend our seminar, which will run as a two-day journey to the world of your favourite fears. Collect all your horror, everything you are afraid of, and bring it with yourself. Beautyis a tremendous power!

The seminar format: 2 days from 10:00 till 18:00.

Cost – 100 EUR when paid 7 days before the start and 120 EUR when paid later or on the day of the seminar.

Seminar presenterSergei Kushnir, certified master of systemic modeling of energy and information processes, certified specialist in the area of systemic constellation, coach, business-trainer and consultant. Cofounder, manager, author and presenter of the most programs of the systemic modeling center Providnyk. Practical work experience – 10 years. Thousands of successful works with the people in personal matters and hundreds of successful consultations and surveys for the business.

For more detailed information and enrolment, please call: +38 050 45 25 743, +38 067 612 70 92

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