“The World of the Symptom” - practical seminar on the systemic modelling.
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 тематический семинар по системному моделированию Мир Симптома“The World of the Symptom” - practical seminar on the systemic modelling.

Subject: Health.

What does one do when the diagnosis is fatal and final, when doctors are unable to determine the diagnosis for you, and after dealing with one symptom, another one is found? Or, when there are so many symptoms that it is not clear which one to start with and how to preserve the rest of organs intact. What to do when a symptom keeps living with you for years, decades? What to do when relationships with close and beloved people have become uncomfortable? What does one do when going to work feels like being sentenced to hard labor, and when money either start running out or stop coming in. What does one do when things repeat? What does one do…..? The answer is simple – nothing, if you like such life.

If, however, you are dissatisfied with something and you have decided to change it and become healthy, successful, happy or simply different and spend your time and money for something more interesting and useful then ask yourself this question, “How can I do this?”
We will help you to work your way up from the problem to the solution. But, first, it will be necessary to have a look and discover the sense, which you implement when creating and withholding your symptom, your disease. There are no restrictions to participate in the seminar. Women are kindly requested to have minimum makeup, wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Method of working with symptoms is systemic modelling.

The seminar format: 2 days, 8 hours each from 10:00 till 18:00.

Cost – 100 EUR when paid 7 days before the start and 120 EUR when paid later or on the day of the seminar.

For enrolment, please call: +38 093 290 06 68, +38 050 45 25 743.

Seminar presenter: Sergei Kushnir, certified master of systemic modeling of energy and information processes, certified specialist in the area of systemic constellations, coach, business-trainer and consultant. Cofounder, manager, author and presenter of the most programs of the systemic modeling center Providnyk. Practical work experience – 10 years. Thousands of successful works with the people in personal matters and hundreds of successful consultations and surveys for the business.

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