“Paradoxes of Consciousness” Seminar is a practical seminar on systemic modelling
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“Paradoxes of Consciousness” Seminar is a practical seminar on systemic modelling.

"Life does not contain any paradoxes where humans are absent", - Sergey Kushnir.

The problem or rather an issue means everything that you will call by that name: relationships with other people, family (or some other) happiness, financial (or any other) freedom, personal development (or in some group), health (or it absence), depression, laziness, apathy, pleasure, fear etc. Everything you have and what you want to change but…for some reasons keep living with that, not having that which you wish to reach, achieve, get.  

Think about a simple phrase, “I want to start a family.” That said, a person does everything not to start it. Is he/she successful – No doubt! But, only in the ability not to start a family.

It should seem to be a simple decision to start doing something different which will result in starting a family but…Until the person understands the meaning of his Doings (or, if you wish – Not doing) how “not to start”, he will repeat this again and gain while entrapping himself as a system more and more with each turning. Is there a solution? Yes, there is – to find sense, finalize it, get a new state, where you could do something different with your life.

Many people are intrigued by the word “paradox” and scared by the word “consciousness”. That is fine. Who wants to have anybody meddling with his brain? Probably not many people. Once again, we understand “Consciousness” in its widest sense. Moreover, it is you who will perform the process of transformation and enlightenment, awareness. We will only help you to find your door and you will decide whether to go through it or turn back. For those who will go through we can reveal, running ahead of ourselves a bit, what is awaiting them. Interested? The answer is simple – you will meet yourself.

We invite people to the seminar who cannot live the way they lived before, who might experience fear of change but are able to kick themselves in the pants and try to find solution for themselves. We will try to do everything for them to help pass this stage and break through to a new level.  

As a result you will:
1. Have an understanding of the sense of the problem you came with.
2. Complete the dynamics of your problem.
3. Get acquainted with system regularities and principles of live systems.
4. Get an experience of participating in live systems of other people and “over the system” surveillance these systems (sometimes it is an experience, which was not available to you before).

The method of searching the paradoxes and work with inquiry of each participant at this seminar - systemic modelling after A.V. Zelinskii.

The seminar format: 2 days, 8 hours each from 10:00 to 18:00.


Nearest seminar in Prague - 17 and 18 September 2016.

Registration form in Prague.

Nearest seminar in Kiev - 15 and 16 October 2016

Registration form in Kiev.

Cost – 100 EUR when paid 7 days before the start and 150 EUR when paid later or on the day of the seminar.

For enrolment, please call. From Ukraine: +38 093 290 06 68, +38 050 45 25 743, +38 067 612 70 92. From Czech Republic: +420 732248313

Seminar presenter: Sergei Kushnir, certified master of systemic modeling of energy and information processes, certified specialist in the area of systemic constellation, coach, business-trainer and consultant. Cofounder, manager, author and presenter of the most programs of the systemic modeling center Providnyk. Practical work experience – 10 years. Thousands of successful works with the people in personal matters and hundreds of successful consultations and surveys for the business.

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