Course of the seminars “Tunes of living runes” (systemic modelling)
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 Course of the seminars “Tunes of living runes” (systemic modelling)

This seminar was created as a result of longstanding investigations and searches.

It all started with a simple interest and curiosity in runic system and a desire to synthesize it with systemic modelling.

A lot of books, articles and opinions about the Runes have already been written and maybe read by you. We shall leave “Magic/fortunetelling” context to those who consider themselves to be specialists therein.

We offer taking completely different look at each separate runic symbol and the system of Runes as a whole. We would not only look but use it too. For ourselves. Because the Runes are not small stones or pieces of wood with some drawings on them. They are alive – this is the kind of life humans often bypass. By permitting and starting to use them, you get an opportunity to become “magicians;” “Magicians” or rather Masters of your life, of yourself.     

Many books and trainings talk about “mastery of controlling your own state”, “strategy of achieving success” etc. And hardly anybody can say how to do that. How to see and masterfully use your own strategy; not the one invented by somebody else? Where and at what point your strategy “fails”, being a result, which is unacceptable for you and how to use your strategies (yes, you may have more than one)? How to enhance opportunities of self-development? Rather, to make reality of those opportunities you often “bypass”, as your ability to create another you and your world around. Notice that not everyone can create something that he or those around him consider to be “right.” As a first step, it is necessary to know and understand which set of tools you personally have, how it “works” and learn to use it consciously. Only after that, the ability to improve and enhance it will appear.

According to our observations, we may state the following: usually, people use such a small set of tools that they simply are thrilled with understanding that there are plenty of other things around except “morning-work-home-sleep.”

To understand better “how it works”, it is easier to attend the course of the seminars. We are going to add one more metaphor. The Runes in synthesis with systemic modelling are like notes of your soul. The number of notes is the same within the whole system but everyone plays different tunes. Sometimes you may listen spellbound to what one person plays, while wanting to change or “kick” another one like a broken record.

We have mentioned the course of seminars here. Yes, 24 runes need time. That is why we decided to divide them into 4 modules, 6 runes per each i.e., during two days at each of two-day seminars you will open up and recognize yourself through six runes. In addition, “as a special treat”, each seminar will contain an “empty rune.” A Rune denoting Nothing, a rune you may use to create ANYTHING.

As the result of the seminar, each participant will:

  • see his constraints and be able to change them  
  • discover his strategy of creating events (and can change it if necessary)
  • discover what such notions as “success/luck”, “wholeness”, “possible and impossible”, “feelings/relationships”, “mind”, “wealth”… mean personally for him
  • find his resources and start learning to use them
  • and many other things.

To know yourself, meet yourself can be frightening. The seminar is intended for those who thanks to and despite of their fear are ready to open themselves from unexpected sides with interest and curiosity. 

Format: “Tunes of living runes” course of seminars, 4 seminars 2 days each, from 10:00 till 18:00 with coffee brakes.

Nearest seminar in this series - 15-16 August 2015.

Cost – 100 EUR when paid 7 days before the start and 120 EUR when paid later or on the day of the seminar.

For enrolment, please call: +38 093 290 06 68, +38 050 45 25 743, +38 067 612 70 92.

Work method at the seminar – systemic modelling and system of runic symbols.

Seminar presenter: Sergei Kushnir, certified master of systemic modeling of energy and information processes, certified specialist in the area of systemic constellation, coach, business-trainer and consultant. Cofounder, manager, author and presenter of the most programs of the systemic modeling center Providnyk. Practical work experience – 10 years. Thousands of successful works with the people in personal matters and hundreds of successful consultations and surveys for the business.

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