Health chart – approaching the healing
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Health chart - approaching the healing. Two-day seminar.

For people trying to properly change their life and improve their health.

The light of eyes will tell you what the whirl of the mind is hiding under shroud.

For people trying to properly change their life and improve their health.

We present you with two exclusive methods: systemic modeling of energoinformational processes and phytotherapy with preliminary iridology. Two days of unique synthesis of two methods and approaches from practicing physician herbalist Elena Melnik and master of systemic modeling Sergey Kushnir.

You will know the state of your current health including your organs and systems. You will see interrelations with pathologies and systems of the body. Moreover, the reasons of health problems in your body, if any, will be demonstrated to you.

Why do you create symptoms in order to draw patterns on your eyes? How you do this to yourself and what hidden agenda you implement for yourself? Why, in spite of efforts to stay healthy, the person remains ill? How can we help people who decided to move from illness to being healthy?

We asked ourselves these questions and after investigations and experiments, we are ready to share with you the results at the seminar. Minimum of theory necessary for understanding and maximum of practical, individual solutions for each attendee.

Later, if desired, you will receive personal recommendations for health improvement and diet.   

Seminar format: 2 days, 8 hours each.
Seminar program:
first day:
   1. Introduction and mini presentation of the methods.
   2. Photographing eyes - irises.
   3. Finding and explaining the reason of the symptom for each attendee (systemic modeling)
second day:
   1. Photographing of irises
   2. Individual work with systemic designer, homework and recommendations to create stable effect of the work done.  
   3. Individual consultations of doctor-iridodiagnostician related to health improvement and diet to intensify the effect. Here you can have personal program of health improvement with recommendations on taking plant-based medicines, consultation on issues regarding your health and diet.

Seminar facilitators: Melnik Elena and Kushnir Sergey

For registration please call: +38 093 290 06 68, +38 050 45 25 743, +38 067 612 70 92.

Participants of our seminars, please note! We offer you discounts in case of advance registration and payment.

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