Code of Meanings - a systemic modeling for business
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Code of Meanings - a systemic modeling for business.

The current conditions in the business environment require new skills from the owners, proprietors and managers. And then the following questions arise – whom to teach, what to teach and how to teach?

Let us not compare with existing systems of business training. They are performing their already classic function.
What we offer – no one has, in any system of education, especially business education.

The unified information field of the Earth has given humanity another way of knowledge of existence. We are talking about systemic modeling of energy and informational processes for business (business modeling). It is systemic and phenomenological method, the author of which is A. V Zelinsky. Outset that he is not related to computers, computer models and so forth, with similar terms.

For whom is the programme.

The course will be interesting and useful for:
   - businessmen, business owners, investors
   - senior executives, top managers
   - HR managers, PR managers, corporate trainers, managers of sales teams, product managers
   - analysts and consultants (internal and external)
   - business consultants working in different methods and styles

The program consists.
Of 5 modules, each of which lasts 3 days. There are breaks between modules of 2-3 months. The entire program is designed for a year, contains theoretical parts, practical sessions, exercises, and research. All skills are applied and practiced by the participants immediately after the theoretical and demonstration parts.

First module:
   History and basics of system modeling. From magic to the algorithm and reading the meaning.


The second module:
   Instant marketing.


The third module:
   Competitive espionage and not analytical investigation.

The fourth module: 30 September - 2 October 2016
Tools of real power.

The fifth module:
X-business. How to create a black swan in the business?

Upon completion of the course, a certificate is issued.

В программе курса:
In the programme of the course:
   1. A brief history of the method.
   2. Systemic and phenomenological approach in business.
   3. The basics of business modeling.
   4. From the conditions and feelings to the images and metaphors, and then to the entirety of the answer.
   5. The businessman – who he is and what he wants the business for. The business as a realization of meaning through the creative interaction of a businessman with humanity.
   6. The development and preservation – constraints and accelerators of success and possibilities.
   7. Destructive capabilities – critical relationships, and constraints. Bifurcation point and buffering point.
   8. Changes in the external environment and the interaction with it. Markets, partners, competitors, government, economy, currency, etc.
   9. Forecasting of the dynamics of the markets/processes/projects/organizations/products.
   10. Modern and fashionable "classical" methods of business promotion – myths and reality. How to save time, money and resources.
   11. Objectives, functions and structure - how to quickly achieve goals using available resources. SWOT, SNW-analysis, etc.
   12. The synthesis of classical marketing, management and system phenomenology tools.
   13. The analysis of DNA of the business. The genome of the success - the search and selection of the successful project, business, direction.
   14. Dao of partnerships – the space of relations.
   15. The inevitable future – the boundaries of influence of the businessman.
   16. Super new reality - black swan of business.
   17. Strategy, tactics and corridor of events.
   18. The fight against competitors – "Trojan horse".
   19. Entropy of business.
   20. Object-oriented modeling vs simulation of relations.
   21. Team building, obvious and hidden motives of the employees. Who controls whom.

And that's not all.

Once in 2 weeks – between the modules (dates will be set taking into account holidays) – Closed Laboratory of Sergei Kushnir "Code of Meanings".

To participate in the laboratory only participants of the course are allowed. For other cities, it is possible to connect through Skype, but we recommend coming to Kiev.

At the laboratory, the course participants will submit written reports on the progress of homework assignments that were given on the module. They will describe what was done over past time, what was achieved and what was not achieved. They brag about their discoveries and this is encouraged to do!

On labs, course participants will conduct research; make predictions, share experiences, their discoveries, ideas and thoughts. For research common, generic topics will be selected (each participant can apply with the theme, the selection of topics will be made by direct open vote of the entire group). The organizer reserves the right not to include some topics to the list, such as "view my business/project/employee/me/my boss/investor, etc., for that there will be exercises in which participants will be able together to play the role of "customer" and "lead".

More about Closed Laboratory.

Moderator: Sergei Kushnir, certified systems designer, certified specialist in systemic constellations, life coaching, business coach and consultant. Co-founder, director, author and presenter of most of the programs of the center of system modeling “Guide”. Practical experience of work is 10 years. Thousands of successful works with people in personal matters, hundreds of successful consultations, studies for business. Constantly connected to the course members 24/7/365.

Interview of Sergei Kushnir on the system modeling for business “Correspondent”, “Forbes” and “Companion”.




The total course price: 1500 USD, payment is possible in equal parts for each module.

Your assistant: Victoria Naumenko +38 (093) 290-06-68, +38 (050) 45 25 743, +38 (067) 612 70 92

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